Multiple sequence alignment by Florence Corpet

Published research using this software should cite:
"Multiple sequence alignment with hierarchical clustering"
F. CORPET, 1988, Nucl. Acids Res., 16 (22), 10881-10890


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+ Sequence data

Cut and paste your sequences here below. Help
(sample sequences)
or select a file:
- Sequence input format:
- For nucleotidic sequences, you must change the Symbol comparison Table (see below) Help

Optional Parameters

+Result page format:

The sequence alignment will be displayed as
(Text is fast; Html needs to enable style sheets) Help

+ Alignment parameters

- Symbol comparison Table - Gap open def. - Gap ext def.: Help

if 'Personal' select a file:

- Gap penalties: (default: value from comparison table) Help

- Gap penalty at extremities: Help

- One iteration only: Help

+ Presentation options for a result page as a coloured image or html text.

- Font options Help

Text size (image only): Text colour (image only): Background colour: High consensus colour: Low consensus colour: Neutral colour:

- Consensus levels Help

- Other options

Output style:Help Maximum line length:Help Graduation step:Help


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