MultAlin WWW Server History

22 Oct 96 MultAlin server available with MultAlin v 5.3.1
4 Mar 97 MultAlin v 5.3.2
2 Jul 97 MultAlin your sequence with a ProDom domain
(after a Blast search)
27 Jul 97 MultAlin v 5.3.3
28 Jan 1998 New official URL for MultAlin Web server
old URL remains valid
24 Mar 2000 MultAlin v 5.4.1
24 Mar 2000 Possibility to upload files
Alignment as a coloured Html text
Link to Espript for pretty postscript output of protein alignmentsESPript help
Possibility to add a sequence to an alignment


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mail to Florence Corpet MultAlin's author. (Comments and suggestions very welcome)

If you use MultAlin frequently you may be interested in downloading the program. For this you must have prior authorisation from the author. Please e-mail.

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